How our scoops Came To Be: 

(You need to read the back of our tubs for the real story!)

We are a fun loving dairy-free ice cream brand and all we want to do is to serve love through scoops! Sine Ndlela started this fun trip of Yococo in 2016 in her apartment, with the help of a few strangers from the building elevator who dared to come taste the ice cream in its infancy. She wanted to create something that will be completely vegan friendly and have a strong intention of love, what this means is the ingredients had to be meaningful which is why we loosely base them on the 7 chakras and colour therapy and the packaging also had to be environmentally friendly and be fun!  We are on a mission to serve love through scoops!

We are a community of ice cream lovers.

Meet the Yococo Cocos

We are not really big on positions as per say we just all bring our strengths and show up in the best way we possibly can.



Meet Sine she is the ice cream lover behind Yococo, the best way to describe her role is the octopus besides being the founder. She loves having fun and really matching people to their flavours. She also loves to laugh! 


Meet Sibongile she joined the team in 2019, you will definitely meet her at our scoop events. She has managed to teach us all a bit of Swati and she is a professional backseat driver! She loves meeting new people and she is also so funny!( This seems to be a common trait at Yococo) 



Meet Ayanda, if you’ve known Yococo from 2017 onwards you would have seen her, thats how long she has been with us for. She is the manager and keeps everyone in check! She loves to giggle and she has somehow become the best scooper in the whole team! 


Meet Chris he is the Coco who helps us get all our scoops to you! He joined the team in 2019 and he is still eating a lot of ice cream with us till today! He loves telling jokes and he obviously is the king of inside jokes. (is that even an actual title?)